Hydranautics HYDRAsub HSM60-ES-HSE15

Product Description

Hydranautics HYDRAsub HSM60-ES-HSE15 has been developed by one of the leading membrane technology manufacturers, Hydranautics, for the purposes of enhancing biological wastewater treatment in industrial and muncipal applications. These membrane modules are incorporated with PVDF hollow fiber technology and effectively produces higher quality water for use in many water treatment processes such as RO treatment. MBR works in delivering a high operating flux, durable construction for long term use, and a reduced footprint that dramatically lowers energy consumption and saves cost.


  HYDRAsub® - MBR HSM45 w/ HSE15

Fiber Orientation:
Filtrate Flow:
Membrane Polymer:
Pore Size (nominal):
Number of Elements in Module:
Nominal Membrane Area per Module:
Permeate Connections:
Air Connections:
Guide Pipe Connections:
Submerged Membrane
Polyvinylidene Flouride (PVDF)
0.4 µm
4 (15 m² each)
645 ft² (60 m²)
(2)- 2” MNPT
(2)- 1 1/2” MNPT
(2)- to fit 2.5” pipes
Model Typical Dry Weight Typical Wet Weight
HSM60-ES-HSE15 256 lbs (116 kg) 356 lbs (162 kg)
HSM60-ES15-316 258 lbs (117 kg) 358 lbs (163 kg)



  • Maximum Trans Membrane Pressure (Vacuum): -6 psig (-0.41 bar)
  • Maximum Backwash Trans Membrane Pressure: 2 psig (0.14 bar)
  • Maximum Instantaneous Chlorine Concentration: 5,000 ppma
  • Maximum Chlorine Tolerance: 742,000 ppm-hrsb
  • MLSS Range: 8,000 - 12,000 mg/Lc
  • Operating Temperature Range: 41 - 104°F (5 - 40° C)
  • Feed Water pH Range: 6.0 - 8.0
  • Cleaning pH Range: 1.0 - 11.0
  • Operating Mode:Outside to Inside



  • Hydranautics HYDRAsub HSM60-ES-HSE15 utilizes a stainless steel cage for more optimized aeration and is applied in various industries from food & beverages to the textile and chemical productions



Hydranautics HYDRAsub HSM60-ES-HSE15 Data Sheet


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