Industrial Multi Media Filters 196 GPM - Saudi Arabia

Product Description

Application: Spring Water Treatment

This project consisted of MLF60-A-SS from the MF-1100 Series.

Since its startup, the filters has been operating accordingly with minimal trouble-shooting. For satisfactory results, the filters took advantage of the following grades of media: Anthracite, Silica Sand, and Gravel.

Anthracite is a certain type of coal which evaporates quickly and has a higher quantity of carbon than any kind of coal. It is employed as a filter medium to take out lighter weight turbidity and the additional silica that exists in the water. It has a decreased bulk density which promotes massive savings on backwash water.

Silica Sand or silicon dioxide (SiO2) is a popular kind of sand that is recognized worldwide. It is employed as a filtration bed for many particulates, lime-free, and is chemically inert. It is graded in several ranges depending on its practical size and application.

Gravel’s highly spherical shape guarantees good flow and even distribution in support beds. It has low amounts of soluble impurities and protects the quality of treated water, especially in softeners. Coarse, medium, and fine layers of Gravel are recommended in graded support beds.


Water Challenges: Multi-Media Filters are utilized to filter and purify spring water from the presence of suspended solids and turbidity. Spring water treatment utilizes these water filters which are developed and implemented into a system where contaminants, particles, chemicals and other impurities are filtered out of raw water. Media water filters can be utilized in commercial and industrial applications. Multi-media filters are essential in producing clean potable water. Whether it’s for human consumption, commercial, or industrial use, converting spring water into clean, potable water is the cornerstone of providing quality water.



Applied Solution: Pure Aqua successfully manufactured and supplied four industrial stainless steel multi-media filters to a major company in Saudi Arabia to reduce suspended solids and turbidity in water. The filters are composed of stainless steel ASME tanks, electrically actuated valves, high quality media, and each is individually controlled by an advanced PLC. The filters were selected from our MF-1100 Series. MLF60-A-SS tanks were each designed to handle a flow rate of 196 GPM.



  • ASME stainless steel tanks
  • Electrically actuated valves
  • High quality media
  • Advanced PLC with HMI
  • MF-1100 series filters
  • MLF60-A-SS tanks
  • Flow Rate: 196 GPM


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    Engineers at Pure Aqua are knowledgeable

    Posted by Pacífico P. on Oct 15th 2019

    Engineers at Pure Aqua are knowledgeable and their MF quality is unbeatable.

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