Industrial Multi Media Filter 350 GPM - Mexico

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Application: Open intake water treatment

This is model MLF86-A-F from our MF-600 Series.

Since its startup, the filtration package has been running smoothly with minimal trouble-shooting. For satisfactory results, the filter utilized the following grades of media: Silica Sand, Anthracite, and Gravel.

Silica Sand is especially graded for water filtration plants. It is widely utilized in municipal, industrial and residential applications for sediment filtration. Silica Sand naturally exists and is composed of excellent chemical properties such as a high silica content, low soluble calcium, magnesium, and iron compounds which suit industry standards. Businesses both nationally and internationally have utilized silica sand due to its high quality, preferred chemical properties, color, and wide range of precision sizing.

Anthracite is a black, shiny coal which claims a unique density that encourages its use in multimedia filters. Anthracite is used as a filter medium to do away with the additional silica and light weight turbidity discovered in water. It claims a massive carbon content and small volatile matter that promotes its use in water treatment. Gravel is usually the first stage in filtering particulates.

Gravel’s highly spherical shape permits incoming water to be equally distributed over the entire filtration bed. It does not target only one area of the filtration bed, rather it will stretch out into many spreadable areas within the gravel bed. Gravel permits only particles that are smaller than its cracks to carry on to the next stage of particulate filtration. Larger particles that were rejected are stripped out and left either on top or within the gravel until they are broken down to a level where they will be able to pass through the cracks or be completely taken out during occasional flushings or additional types of cleaning.

Industrial multi-media filters are designed to eliminate suspended particles from water and mainly deal with feed water that has a turbidity of up to 20 NTU. During the filtration process, tiny particles proceed down to smaller and finer media levels. The cracks within these media entrap particles down to 10 microns. The larger particulates that were blocked are caught on top of the filtration bed. Multi-media filters are sometimes backwashed when an increase in pressure differential to approximately 10-12 PSI is discovered or when a timer starts. During the backwash, water is directed upward through the filter at approximately 12-15 gpm/ft² for close to ten minutes, raising the media. This also purifies and divides the dirt particles which are thrown into the backwash water to the drain.


Water Challenges: Open intake water, or seawater, has the highest concentration of unwanted impurities compared to all other water sources. The total dissolved solids (TDS) levels specifically are much higher than brackish and tap water sources, and cause greater degrees of turbidity because of this fact. As a result, the suitability of open intake water for usage in industrial facilities, and most other applications is very low due to the risks involved in utilizing poor quality water with equipment. Water with high TDS is capable of reducing the performance, and reliability of equipment, including increasing the cost of maintenance and replacing parts that are no longer operating efficiently because of the water conditions. For this reason, pretreatment in the form of multi-media filters, along with water purification solutions such as reverse osmosis, is required in order to remove the elevated levels of TDS from open intake water.



Applied Solution: Pure Aqua successfully manufactured and supplied an industrial multi-media filter to a major company in Mexico to lower turbidity and suspended solids. The filters will be used as seawater RO pretreatment. The filter is composed of a FRP tank, butterfly actuated valves, advanced PLC, and drain line flow controls (DLFC). The multi-media filter was selected from our MF-600 Series. MLF-86A-F uses an 86” diameter tank. It was chosen to handle a flow rate of 350 GPM.



  • FRP tank filter
  • Butterfly actuated valves
  • Advanced PLC
  • Drain line flow control (DLFC)
  • MF-600 series 86" tanks
  • Flow Rate: 350 GPM



Industrial Multi Media Filter 350 GPM - Mexico - Case Study [/custom-documents]

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