Industrial Multi Media Filtration Systems 250 GPM - Mexico

Product Description

Application: Industrial process water

This is model MLF-72-A & ACF-72A from our MF-1000

  • Flow Rate 250 GPM
  • Multi-Media Filtration
  • Activated Carbon


Water Challenges: Water sources such as seawater, groundwater, rivers, lakers, and municipals makeup the majority of the water sources today, but are completely unsuitable for most processes in industrial applications. The equipment used in manufacturing extend to a variety of operations that include washing, coating, spraying, rinsing, etc., and requires ultra pure water to run smoothly. Untreated water that are extracted from the sources stated above, contain elevated levels of minerals, organic substances, and particles that result in poor efficiency when used in manufacturing.


Applied Solution:This project was designed to deliver 3 x 250 GPM Media Filtration Systems in order to treat well water in Mexico. Two of the tanks are for Multi Media Filtration which is primarily used to decrease suspended solids. And one of the tanks will contain activated carbon to reduce organics, taste, and odor.


Industrial water treatment improves the process water so that it is capable of maximizing manufacturing performances and prolongs the utilization of many equipment.



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    Great buy.

    Posted by Karen M. on Nov 16th 2019

    Works well and our team maintains the media filtration system very well too. System came with very detailed manuals that are easy to follow. Great buy.

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