Industrial Reverse Osmosis Plant to Treat Reclaimed Waste Water 400,000 GPD - Egypt

Product Description

This plant included two RO model #BW-600K-14780-2 and two BW-87K-3680-10 systems from our RO-500 Series.

  • SS 304 RO frame
  • (14) FRP pressure vessels Protec rated at 300 PSI
  • (98) 8" TFC spiral wound membranes (Hydranautics CPA5-LD)
  • GF ORP sensor on feed line & GF conductivity sensor on product line
  • Low- & high-pressure switches
  • (2) Flow meters for reject and product line
  • High pressure pump Grundfos CRN90
  • Variable frequency drive to control the pump speed
  • 5-micron pre-filter with SS housing (SSC-88-316)
  • PLC control panel (Siemens S7-1200).
  • All high- & low-pressure piping are SS316
  • 2nd pass RO system to treat RO reject to increase the overall recovery of the system

Industry: Boiler Feed


Water Concern: In efforts to conserve water usage, this facility intended to use recycled wastewater to supply their boiler feed system. Due to the nature of water recycling, proper water treatment must be in place to ensure the boiler system runs efficiently. Two major contaminants that certainly effect the performance of a boiler system are hardness (calcium and magnesium) and silica. These two contaminant issue areas are known to cause scaling and buildup in the boiler system. Therefore, their reduction is prioritized to ensure the performance of the boiler feed system is not affected.



Applied Solution: An industrial reverse osmosis plant was recommended for the application of boiler feed to this steel manufacturing facility. The plant consisted of a two-round process. The first round included two brackish RO systems that produce 400,000 GPD and manage 2,000 PPM TDS. The second round was used to recycle the reject of the first sound and consisted of two brackish RO systems that produce 66,000 GPD managing 10,000 PPM TDS to thoroughly purify the concentrate of contaminants. This unique design allows the customer to optimize on the permeate production and further conserve water.



This brackish RO plant was designed to produce purified water for boiler feed application in Egypt, and any utilization that requires water recycling and reuse. Advantageous features that improve the reclaimed water treatment process and reduces silica and hardness for boiler feed usage in a steel manufacturing facility.



Industrial Reverse Osmosis Plant to Treat Reclaimed Waste Water 400,000 GPD - Egypt - Data Sheet

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