Industrial BWRO Plants 634,080 GPD - Egypt

Product Description

Application: Beverage Company (Coca Cola)

 This is model BW-320K-6780-3 from our RO-500 Series.

  • Pre and post treatments
  • Advanced PLC control
  • Color touch panel
  • Data acquisition software
  • Soft Starters

Feed water to the unit is processed water with raw water TDS about 2451 PPM. The system design was based on high rejection TFC spiral wound low fouling membranes. The Industrial Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis plants was selected from our RO-500 Series; model number BW-320K-7680-3. It produces 50 m3/hr @TDS < 100 ppm from raw water. The Brackish Reverse Osmosis unit consists of 5-micron cartridge filters to reduce feed water Silt Density Index (SDI) and to limit the SS to 5-micron size. It also includes RO membranes feed high pressure CRN Grundfos pump and TFC spiral wound membranes to reduce the TDS.

The RO membranes remove total dissolved solids (TDS) from the source water. The RO membrane permits the passage of water molecules but is a barrier to most of the ions in the water.


Water Challenges: Bottling companies require high quality water for their beverage production since it is considered the most important ingredient. The water quality will be the most determinant factor on the quality of the beverage. With this knowledge, bottling companies have gone to great lengths to enhance the water quality to the fullest. Unfortunately, freshwater supplies are not in sufficient enough quantities for bottling companies, which are resorting to other water sources to satisfy their needs. Natural water sources are being targeted for freshwater production through the use of water treatment systems that purify the contaminants from untreated water. Reverse osmosis has been the most prevalent water purification solution for this process and is highly efficient in producing fresh, clean water.



Applied Solution: Pure Aqua successfully supplied two Industrial Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis (BWRO) plants for Coca Cola Company, Egypt. Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Units are 634,080 GPD product water. The complete BWRO Units were supplied with pre and post treatment using advanced PLC control, colored touch panel, data acquisition software, and soft starters.



Low operating cost, compact size, reduced footprint, and high quality production of freshwater.



Industrial BWRO Plants 634,080 GPD - Egypt - Case Study [/custom-documents]

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    Posted by Renzo E. on Mar 29th 2017

    It is more efficient than providing each unit with an under–the-sink RO system. We bought 2 just for redundancy purposes.

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