Industrial Reverse Osmosis System for Cooling Towers - Kuwait

Product Description

Application: Cooling Tower

This is model BW-398K-9780-10 from our RO-500 Series.

Project Summary:
  • Destination Country: Kuwait
  • Application: Cooling Tower Water Reuse
  • Feed water: Cooling Tower water
  • Type of system: Industrial brackish reverse osmosis system
  • Capacity: 398,000 GPD
  • Manufacturing date: September 20107

This reverse osmosis system for agriculture use includes feed and backwash pump, media filter, dechlorination, antiscalant and post-chlorination dosing systems. The feed water is coming from a cooling tower, and the capacity of this system is 398,000 GPD.


Water Challenges:  Having a high total dissolved solids in ppm of salts in your cooling tower water will increase the lost water and the number of flush downs. This occurrence effectively increases the operating and maintenance costs of the systems, and the amount of chemicals needed for the cooling towers to operate. Using reverse osmosis purified water in the cooling water industries will save on the cooling tower chemicals. For this reason, cooling tower plants are requiring the usage of reverse osmosis treated water in order for maximal performance with minimized costs.



Applied Solution:  Industrial reverse osmosis systems for cooling towers is a great asset to save water and recirculate 85% of the water. Reverse osmosis (RO) systems will separate water molecules from other dissolved solids in the water (like carbonates, sulfates, silica, nitrates). The feed water must be pretreated and filtered before it goes to the RO system.



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    Build quality is great

    Posted by Ed B. on Apr 11th 2018

    Our team inspected the industrial ro system that we purchased before it got shipped to our facility. It was as well-made as promised

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