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Manganese are metals generally located in well water throughout the world. It normally exists in the soil within these water sources and washes into our drinking water from the rain and the surface water that trickles into the ground. Fortunately, there are diverse water purification alternatives that can make for safe drinking water. So it won’t be necessary to spend your life consuming unclean water. Thus, this article intends to initiate effective water treatment methods which explain how to remove manganese in water.


While Manganese (Mn) does not create health hazards in drinking water, it is responsible for aesthetic and technical issues.


How to Remove Manganese in Water

There are several water treatment solutions available to use in effectively removing manganese from drinking water. The overall results of these methods will depend on the concentration of manganese and the form of the metals. Due to manganese being an aesthetic issue, it has a high probability of harming all consumers of the water. Once you have tested the water and determined what kind of manganese exists in the water supply, it can be eliminated through the use of water treatment systems such as:

  • Greensand Filter - Greensand filters work well in protecting downstream equipment and effectively reducing mineral content such as iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide. These filters don’t produce any detrimental effects from a chlorine feed and provide low attrition for a long-lasting bed life.
  • Birm Filters - Birm filters are highly efficient filters and cost-effective in eliminating dissolved manganese and iron components from fresh water sources. These filters are sometimes incorporated with pressurized water treatment systems such as reverse osmosis or gravity-fed systems. Birm filters benefit companies by not requiring chemicals for maintenance, needing only periodic backwashing, durable material, broad temperature range, and providing high manganese removal efficiency.
  • Pyrolox Filter - Pyrolox filter media utilizes a natural chemical reaction which works by oxidizing manganese and iron in feed water. Trapped minerals are then filtered from the filtration media bed during the backwash cycle.
  • Water Softener Systems - The water softener system is the preferred method of reducing hardness in water, but can also be an efficient solution in removing small amounts of manganese and other metals. The water softening process utilizes ion exchange resins at which point manganese and calcium are substituted with sodium. Afterwards, backwashing process can be implemented to eliminate manganese and other metals form the water softening filtering resin.
  • Oxidation Filtration - The oxidation filtration has the capacity to insert oxygen in the water for the elimination of impurities existing in it. While oxidation is a dependable solution for the removal of iron from water, it requires the addition of chemical treatment such as chlorine to eradicate manganese.


Advantages in reducing microbial manganese:

  • No reagents required
  • Stronger filtration levels
  • Far more power to maintain
  • The backwash can be done with raw water
  • Sludge thickens and dewatered quickly.
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