Multi Layer Filtration System 280 GPM - Peru

Product Description

Application: RO Pre-Treatment

This media filter is model #MLF-72-M from our MF-1000 Series.

  • NSF Epoxy Coated Interior Steel Tanks
  • Manway Top Loading Port
  • Schedule 80 PVC Face Piping
  • Manual Butterfly Valves
  • Flanged Piping Connection
  • PVC Internals
  • Backwash Flow Control
  • NSF Coating


Water Challenges: RO pre-treatment is used to avoid clogging issues, while reducing particles to an extent that will extend RO membranes life. Pre-treatment for reverse osmosis systems can be done with the use of ultrafiltration, water softeners, chemical dosing systems, or multimedia filters, which are suited for use in a closed pressure tank since cracking of the bed, and subsequent breakthrough of turbidity is virtually eliminated and the need for visual inspection is unnecessary. Throughout Peru, well water and other water sources provide insufficient quantities of clean water to the masses for consumption and other basic services. The existence of a high concentration of sediments and particles make for the accessibility of only low-quality water and frequently leads to clogging of the reverse osmosis membranes used to filter these unwanted contaminants from the water.



Applied Solution: The use of pressure tanks (rather than open basins or filters) is an obvious advantage for point-of-use filtration and could also be of real importance in the filtration of small community water supplies. More rapid filtration flow rates in multi-media filtration allow the use of smaller diameter tanks with equal or better results. A very high degree of clarity is achieved in the filtered water because of the fact that the finer particles of garnet at the bottom trap finer turbidity particles.



  • Requires little or no maintenance
  • Improved water taste and clarity without any chemical



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  • 5
    I was extremely excited to install this system

    Posted by Fadel Shahawi on Jan 22nd 2020

    Since we have our water system we feel better in all respects. The drinking water tastes so great, safe and ready for us at any time

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