Rainwater Filtration System for Rainwater Treatment 15 x 2 GPM - Bermuda

Product Description

Application: Rainwater Treatment 2 X 15 GPM

This is model 28F2175MM, 28F24100AC from our MF-400 Series. 

  • UV Sterilizers
  • Automatic Multi Media Filters
  • Automatic Carbon Filters
  • Self-Priming Pumps
  • Chemical Dosing Systems


Water Challenges: Contamination of rainwater can be caused due to cross-border contamination and anthropogenic and naturally going on water pollution such as animal droppings. The key advantages of the use of rainwater encompass local water safety and reduced central remedy infrastructure needs for water supplies. Rainwater harvesting can alleviate problems with stormwater and reduce diffuse sources of water pollution due to storm water.



Applied Solution: Our team has recently manufactured an advanced Water Filtration System delivered to Bermuda. It’s designed to treat rain water as it is collected from rooftops at a rate of 10 GPM. It includes a pump, multimedia filter to remove particulates down to almost 10 microns, activated carbon to remove taste, odor and most organics, followed by Sediment Cartridges rated at 5 followed by 1 micron, and finally a UV Filtration System to disinfect the treated water before it’s sent out for distribution.


The advantage of the usage of rainwater as a water source is a significant contribution to a region if distance from a water source of supply in rural areas makes water inaccessible.




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    Everything was a positive experience

    Posted by Nadeem A. on May 6th 2019

    Everything was a positive experience when we purchased this Rainwater Filtration System for our process applications.

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