Reverse Osmosis and Nano Filtration Systems for Surface Water Treatment- Mexico

Product Description

Application: Surface Water Treatment for detergent and shampoo manufacturing

  • Programmable time delay and set points
  • Motor starter
  • Stainless steel multi-stage pump with TEFC motor
  • FRP membrane housings
  • 5 micron cartridge pre-filter
  • 460V/3Ph/60Hz power supply
  • PLC based control panel
  • NEMA 12 enclosure
  • Low pressure switch
  • High pressure switch
  • Liquid filled pressure gauges
  • Permeate conductivity monitor
  • Permeate & concentrate flow meters
  • Powder coated carbon steel frame
  • TFC spiral wound membranes

Project Summary:

- Destination Country: Mexico

- Application: Surface Water Treatment

- Feed water: Lake

- Type of system: Industrial surface reverse osmosis and nanofiltration systems

- Capacity: 216,000 GPD

- Manufacturing date: March 2010

This surface water reverse osmosis system for detergent and shampoo use includes feed and backwash pump, media filters, carbon filters, antiscalant, industrial RO system, Nanofiltration system and post-chlorination dosing systems. The feed water is coming from a lake, and the capacity of this system is 216,000 GPD.


Water Challenges: Surface water contains a high degree of unwanted impurities through the accumulation of minerals, and other dissolved solids from runoff. Water which contains a high total dissolved solids (TDS) levels make for very poor water quality, and exceptionally unfit to use for virtually any industrial application, such as detergent and shampoo manufacturing. Utilizing water with high total dissolved solids in ppm of salts in process water will increase the quantity of chemicals used in the production. Using RO water in any process water will save on energy and chemicals.

This model is NW-252-8680 from our NF-500 Series.

Applied Solution: Surface water reverse osmosis and Nanofiltration systems is a great investment to improve the quality of the process water used in manufacturing detergents, shampoo and other cosmetic products. Reverse osmosis (RO) systems will separate water molecules from other dissolved solids in the water (like carbonates, sulfates, silica, nitrates). The feed water must be pretreated and filtered before it goes to the RO and NF systems.

These systems are manufactured and designed to significantly improve uptime and reduce process water upkeep requirements for various industries.

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    High quality

    Posted by Mike. O. on Jan 15th 2020

    Very good quality RO that exceeded expectations.

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