Signet 8150 Battery-Powered Transmitter

Product Description

Signet 8150 Battery-Powered Transmitter incorporate cutting-edge features that ensures simple operations for a long duration. The software design is built with smart technology with a four-button keypard which can be utilized for convenience through the use of screen displays and system programming processes.


Signet 8150 Battery-Powered Transmitter Specifications:
Compatibility Signet 515 and 525 flow sensors
Input Freq. Range 0 to 400Hz
Accuracy ±0.5% of reading

LCD Type
4-digit upper line - flow rate
8-digit lower line - volume totalizer count, either resettable or permanent
Averaging 0 to 120 secs.
Contrast Automatic
Low Battery Indication Battery symbol appears on LCD display
8-digit Resettable Totalizers Stored until user resets; continues to be stored even after batteries are removed
8-digit Permanent Kept permanently, even when batteries are removed

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  • Three totalizers: 2 resettable and 1 permanent, user-selectable
  • Long-lasting lithium batteries
  • Mounting versatility
  • No-flow indicator
  • Large digital display with averaging
  • Simple push-button operation
  • User-selectable access code prevents unwanted changes
  • Auto-calibration



  • Wastewater Flow Accumulation
  • Water Treatment Systems
  • Remote or Mobile Treatment/Distribution Systems
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Filtration Systems
  • Commercial Pools and Spas
  • Groundwater Remediation
  • RO concentrate
  • Process flow monitoring



Signet 8150 Battery-Powered Transmitter Data Sheet


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    Better priced...

    Posted by Olivia S. on Sep 9th 2019

    Love Signet products. High quality!

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