Commercial Reverse Osmosis (TDS Reduction) – 6,500 GPD – Mexico

Product Description

This commercial reverse osmosis system was designed for an Automotive Parts Manufacturer to reduce TDS and elevate water quality.

Industry: Manufacturing

This commercial RO system was custom made and selected from our RO-200 Series.

  • Twin Double Pass RO
  • EDI System
  • pH Monitor
  • Dow Filmtec LC LE-4040 Membranes
  • Chemical Dosing Systems
  • Microprocessor Control Panel
  • 5 Micron Pre Filter
  • 316L SS Pressure Gauges
  • SS Low Pressure Switch
  • SS High Pressure Pump
  • Factory Tested for Reliability and Designed to Work Seamlessly
  • Compact Design & Energy Efficiency
  • Long Service Intervals and Easy Maintenance
  • Longer Membrane Life
  • High Water Recovery
  • Huge Savings on Sewage Discharge Fees

This system is able to reduce the amount of water needed by the plant from the city water supply by almost 55%. The plant needs to have 15 GPM of feed water from the raw water tank, but since we are able to recycle most of the water, the customer only needed to get around 6.6 GPM from the city. Pure Aqua has helped save an average of 8.4 GPM of city water.

Further Details: The 1st pass is composed of 8-units of 4”x40” membranes that was designed to recover (55%) of the feed. The permeate of the 1st pass RO is fed into the 2nd pass RO to further reduce the TDS. Then, the permeate of the 2nd pass RO is fed into the EDI system. The EDI will then drop the water TDS to the required quality for the process equipment. The concentrate water on the 1st pass RO, which is around 9,433 GPD, is fed into another Brackish Water RO unit. This process will recover more water that can then be used in the loop together with the concentrate waste water of the 2nd pass. The concentrate water of this BWRO (around 4,412 GPD) goes to their treatment plant as waste water.

The processed water used in the plant (around 6,000 GPD) is then recycled and re-used through this same process. A UF filter and a cartridge filter are additionally in place to remove the suspended solids from this rather good quality water and the permeate goes back as feed water into the whole system.


Water Concern: The client's main goal was to produce ultimately purified water to complement the fabrication of their products and recycle the purified water. Therefore, it was crucial to treat their city water supply and attain low TDS for the necessary water quality requested to supplement the manufacturing of their equipment. One of the company's environmental stewardship is to reuse the waste water they produce in addition to preserving their amount of water consumption they utilize from the city water supply.



Applied Solution: Pure Aqua was able to offer them a customized system that would accommodate all these requirements. The system built is a 2-prong approach, which involved a series of water filtration systems including a Double Pass RO (DPRO) and an EDI unit to produce pure water dictated by the process equipment specifications.



A reverse osmosis system was engineered for a Car Parts Manufacturer to reduce the dissolved solids (TDS) and prevent scaling. Removing these contaminates improves the manufacturing process efficiency and increases its ability to work at full capacity. The right RO system design will utilize a high quality pressure vessels, filter tanks and high-quality instruments such as conductivity, pH and ORP meters. The system included a twin double pass RO followed by an EDI system. The waste coming from both double pass RO’s is treated by a third RO. The waste water coming from the manufacturing process is fed to an ultrafiltration system and recycled back to the RO system. Double Pass RO system was designed to maximize water recovery and save on sewage discharge fees.


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    Produces good tasting water

    Posted by Todd G. on Nov 16th 2019

    Love the size, love the price and produces good tasting water.

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