Grundfos CHI Commercial Pumps

Product Description

CHI is a unique product combining stainless steel materials in all parts in contact with the pumped liquid with a compact design and an MLE motor. This makes CHI very suitable for industrial applications requiring a stainless steel product combined with the variable pump performance feature. CHI can operate in uncontrolled operating mode enabling pump performance control by an external signal. Alternatively, the pump can operate in controlled operating mode enabling e.g. a constant pressure to be established by means of the built-in PI-controller and a connected sensor. Other sensor types such as flow, temperature, differential temperature or differential pressure can also be connected.

CHI Pumps are designed for thin, clean, non-aggressive and non-explosive liquids without solid particles or fibers. The pumps are able to pump liquids such as demineralised water, softened water, cleaning solutions, light oils and other light chemicals. When pumping liquids with a density and/or viscosity higher than that of water, motors with correspondingly higher outputs must be used, if required. Whether a pump is suitable for a particular liquid depends on a number of factors of which the most important are chloride content, pH value, temperature and content of solvents, oils, etc.


CHI and CHIE pump end components are identical. The difference between the two models is the stator and terminal box. CHI pumps are standard 1 phase and 3 phase, 60 HZ, constant speed pumps. CHIE and CHIE-Plus pumps are powered by 1 phase, 230 volts, 60 HZ, variable speed motors with an integrated variable frequency drive (VFD) and system controller (“PI” type). Consult the Grundfos “CRE...CHIE Installation and Operating Instructions,” included with the pump, for electrical installation and motor operation. Refer to these instructions for pump end installation and operation.

Product Specifications
Pump Model Flow Rate m3/hr Motor type Ph Voltage HP
CHIE 2-30 2 MLE 1 208-230 3/4
CHIE 2-40 2 MLE 1 208-230 1
CHIE 2-60 2 MLE 1 208-230 1 1/2
CHIE 4-10 4 MLE 1 208-230 1/2
CHIE 4-20 4 MLE 1 208-230 1
CHIE 4-60 4 MLE 1 208-230 1 1/2
CHIE 8-20S 8 MLE 1 208-230 1 1/2
CHIE 12-05 12 MLE 1 208-230 3/4
Features and Benefits:
  • Compact Design
  • Wide Range
  • Suitable for Slightly Aggressive Liquids
  • Low Noise
  • Integrated Variable Frequency Drive (CHIE only)
The Pumps Are Suitable for Liquid Transfer In:
  • Water Treatment
  • Industrial Washing and Dishwashing Machines
  • Pressure Boosting of Process Water
  • Heating and Cooling in Industrial Processes
  • Air Conditioning
  • Air Washing, Moisturization, Humidification (Softened Water)
  • Water Supply and Pressure Boosting  (Potable Water, Also Slightly Chlorinated)
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