Industrial Nanofiltration Equipment | Puerto Rico | 500,000GPD

Product Description

Industrial Nanofiltration Equipment | Puerto Rico | 500,000 GPD

Custom-Made Features:

- Heat Sanitized SS Activated Carbon Filter

- 80% Recovery

- Schedule 80 PVC Low-Pressure Piping

- Electropolished Stainless Steel 316 High-Pressure Piping

- Stainless Steel Permeate Piping

- Advanced S7-1200 Siemens PLC Control Panel

- Membrane Cleaning Skid


Water Challenges:

Water is a critical element of the food and beverage sector. Due to recent health concerns, treating water is much more essential than ever for food and beverage suppliers to ensure that it is safe for consumption. Water treatment systems such as nanofiltration systems work to eliminate toxins and particulate matter to have an end item of high quality and good taste.



This project included the fabrication of a 500,000 GPD Industrial Nanofiltration System that was sent to Puerto Rico. This system was for a beverage application and the feedwater source was city water.

Applied Solution:

Nanofiltration systems are successful of accomplishing over 75% salt rejection costs whilst the use of only 1/2 of the system’s energy. Furthermore, nanofiltration systems will also refill a share of the feed water, whilst reverse osmosis machines do not. Other applied solutions of nanofiltration are:

  • Nitrate removal
  • Water softening
  • The elimination of heavy metals from wastewater
  • The removal of pesticides from groundwater
  • Wastewater reclamation in industrial amenities
  • The removal of radium and uranium from water



NF membranes are additionally of typically greater performance and high-quality than RO membranes.


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    An exceptionally state-of-the-art company

    Posted by Cesar on May 22nd 2023

    Pure Aqua is an exceptionally state-of-the-art company

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