LSI In Water Treatment

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Langelier Saturation Index (LSI) is a set of water parameters that provide stability to the water by being used as an indicator of the corrosivity of the feed water. LSI is useful in determining the causes of sporadic changes within the water, such as a sudden deterioration of performance regarding water treatment systems due to the presence of dissolved substances in the feed water. The necessary adjustments that will bring the system into a balanced state will be provided through the LSI calculator. The idea is that if you had a very high or positive LSI then you will continue to build and increasing the coating.

Langelier Saturation Index: Reverse Osmosis

LSI is significant to reverse osmosis operators as a computation of the potential of scaling in regards to calcium carbonate. The LSI value is quantified with the subtraction of the computed pH of saturated calcium carbonate from the original feed pH. The lower the pH, which can be decreased through the injection of an acid (antiscalants) into the RO feed water, will also reduce the LSI value.[/custom-specifications]

Injecting scale inhibiting acids is the most cost-effective approach to reducing scale formation. There have been a wide variety of various antiscalant chemistries which have developed and produced different results and successes depending on the application and organic polymer implemented. Utilizing a similar make-up of RO antiscalants will allow the effective usage of calcium carbonate and sulfate salts during the operation of any reverse osmosis system. Reverse osmosis will ultimately affect the calcium carbonate, pH and scaling, which accordingly will determine the LSI level.

Advantages: The configurable made-in temperature and Langelier saturation index (LSI) modules imply that you can receive greater precision of water measurement and actual time warnings whenever the water isn't within normal range.

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