Mixed Bed Deionizer Unit 50,000 GPD - Kuwait

Product Description

Application: Humidification Control

This is model MB30-PVN/M9070 from our MBDI Series.


Water Challenges: When water contains a significant amount of suspended solids such as magnesium and calcium then it produces hardness. While hard water might not be considered a health hazard, it can lead to many unwanted effects on equipment and systems when applied during operation. When hard water is ill-advisedly used with humidifiers, scaling occurs throughout the media which will cause lasting damage, and ultimately result in the need for cleaning or replacements. This occurrence will lead to an increase in costs for maintenance and product alterations. To avoid these issues, using treated water is recommended, and can be produced by using water deionizer systems to eliminate hardness creating minerals from the water.



Applied Solution: Pure Aqua Deionizers are fixed bed systems in which ion exchange resins are contained in pressure vessels. The water is then forced through the resin. After a service run, the resin becomes exhausted and unable to remove additional ions so it must be regenerated with strong acid and base solutions to restore its ion exchange capacity. Pure Aqua manufactured and supplied a mixed bed DI unit to a major water treatment company in Kuwait.



  • Two Mixed Bed Deionizers
  • 30” Steel Tanks
  • Polisher
  • PLC Controlled
  • Automatic Regeneration
  • TDS Less Than 1




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    Posted by Hender S. on Jan 15th 2020

    We bought 2 just for redundancy purposes.

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