UF System 14400 GPD - USA

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Application: Potable Water for Piloting Treated Domestic Sewage

This is model UF-15K-1-SG* from our UF Series.

Pure Aqua, Inc. manufactures and supplies a full line of Ultrafiltration Systems. UF is a membrane separation process driven by pressure which takes out suspended or particulate matter from water. A UF is found to be extremely reliable compared to a conventional multimedia filter, which takes out approximately 10 micron or larger matter, where a UF membrane pore size ranges from 0.01 to 0.10 micron. UF membranes also have the power to efficiently remove bacteria and most viruses. Ultrafiltration systems are designed with numerous membrane filtrations where hydrostatic pressure pushes solvents against a partially-porous membrane. They have the capability of blocking large suspended particulates and solids while allowing water and solutes with a reduced molecular weight to be carried through the membrane. Industry and research take advantage of this separation process for mainly purifying and concentrating protein solutions. Ultrafiltration can be compared to microfiltration, nanofiltration or gas separation, except it is dissimilar in the molecule sizes it rejects. Ultrafiltration systems has exceptional advantages such as a tiny nominal pore diameter (0.03 µm), basic, vertical, modular design which delivers low cost compact systems, and is frequently back washed and air scoured to improve performance and eliminate the fouling layer to lengthen operating life.


Water Challenges: Piloting product domestic sewage is necessary to determine the concentration of pollutants that exist in the water. Sewage has the potential to infiltrate waterways throughout the underground which exponentially decreases the quality of potable water. It is estimated that more than 80% of untreated domestic sewage is returned back to the ecosystem, which makes up a huge percentage of polluted water throughout various water sources. These pollutants such as microorganisms, viruses and bacteria, greatly increase health risks to human beings when exposed or ingested. As a result, ultrafiltration is depended upon to eliminate the contaminants from these water bodies, and producing clean, potable water.



Applied Solution: A UF system along with a UF cleaning system were designed to provide potable water for piloting domestic sewage for a major company in FL, USA. The UF System produced 14,400 GPD. It came complete with a PLC control panel with touch screen, feed pump, backwash pump, rotameters, and a 150 micron screen filter.   The UF cleaning system was designed with the capability to clean one ultrafiltration module. The system came complete with a SS pump, 5 micron cartridge filter, and a 50 gallon tank.



  • Superior filtration performance with high flux
  • Very small nominal pore diameter (0.03 µm)
  • Efficiently gets rid of bacteria and viruses
  • Periodically back washed and air scoured to enhance overall performance and casting off the fouling layer to extend working life
  • Low fouling membrane modules
  • UF Outside-In or Inside-Out Configuration lets in reduced plugging and greater solids loading
  • Basic, vertical, modular plan approves low cost, compact systems
  • Effective membrane cleaning has a high chemical resistance and temperature tolerance

UF System 14400 GPD - USA - Case Study


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