Ultrafiltration UF Cleaning System 305,280 GPD - USA

Product Description

Application: Cleaning Skid for UF Modules

This is model CS8 from our CS Series.

  • To clean 32 ultrafiltration modules
  • SS pump
  • 5 micron cartridge filter
  • pH controller
  • Electric Heater
  • HDPE tank (1,000 gallons)


Water Challenges: Cleaning skids are utilized for the cleaning and reuse of ultrafiltration membranes in order to ensure continuous usage. Cleaning is executed at low pressures to reduce permeate production and redeposition of dirt on the membrane element. A small amount of permeate should be produced in order to gain high cross-flow velocities across the membrane surface. High cross-flow velocities are excellent in effectively removing foulant from the membrane surface. In order to remove organic fouling, biofouling and colloidal fouling effectively, cleaning at high temperatures (above 86°F, or 30°C) is important. It isn’t recommended to clean at temperatures below 68°F (20°C) due to the very slow chemical kinetics at low temperatures.



Applied Solution: A UF cleaning system was manufactured and supplied to a major company in WI, USA. This system was designed with the capability to clean 32 ultrafiltration modules. The system came complete with a SS pump, 5 micron cartridge filter, pH controller, electric-heater, and a 1000 gallon HDPE tank. A UF cleaning system consists of a tank, cleaning pump, cartridge filter and a heating/cooling device. The cleaning system is attached to the reverse osmosis system either with flexible hoses or stainless steel or PVC piping. The materials used for the cleaning system should be non-corrosive and have the capability of handling a pH range of 1-13 and temperatures up to 122°F (50°C).



  • Superior filtration performance with high flux
  • Very small nominal pore diameter (0.03 µm)
  • Efficiently gets rid of bacteria and viruses
  • Periodically back washed and air scoured to enhance overall performance and casting off the fouling layer to extend working life
  • Low fouling membrane modules
  • UF Outside-In or Inside-Out Configuration lets in reduced plugging and greater solids loading
  • Basic, vertical, modular plan approves low cost, compact systems
  • Effective membrane cleaning has a high chemical resistance and temperature tolerance


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  • 5
    Good Filtration System

    Posted by Ariclene S. on Jan 28th 2020

    For my NSF certification this product has been doing good. No rejection for water quality.

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