Well Water Multi Media Filters 22 GPM - USA

Product Description

Application:  Storm Water/TSS Reduction

This is model # MLF21-A-F from our MF-600 Series

  • Reinforced fiberglass tanks
  • Polyethylene inner shell
  • Aquamatic control valves corrosion-resistant
  • Valves components can be serviced while the valve is in-line
  • Diaphragm acts as an actuator, eliminating the need for electric or pneumatic actuators
  • Digital stager, motor-driven rotary multiport pilot valve


Water Challenges:  Stormwater TSS is formed from large amounts of suspended solids that exist on the streets or sidewalks, and eventually are carried by surface water to a drain. These surface water sources are brought by natural occurrences such as rainfall and leads to the water being merged into impermeable surfaces until it evaporates. The suspended solids are picked up as surface water moves across surfaces such as concrete and pavings. The resulting stormwater TSS has various negative impacts on the environment, specifically through harming its natural equilibrium and producing devastation on aquatic life. TSS is responsible for the deaths of many oceanic life, mainly from ingestion, and also causes unwanted aquatic organisms such as algae.


Applied Solution:  Pure Aqua manufactures multi-media water filter systems that work effectively in removing TSS from stormwater. Our media filters operate for much longer periods of time (five or more times as long at the same filtration rate) before backwashing is necessary because the bed can hold more turbidity. Turbidity is trapped and held throughout the top bed depth, rather than the top one or two inches. These features help users save on water and energy, including requiring lower maintenance requirements, which leads to an overall reduction in costs.


  • Absolutely will not rust
  • Requires little or no maintenance
  • Improved water taste and clarity without any chemical
  • Save Water
  • Save Energy


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  • 5
    This system is excellent.

    Posted by Troy K. on Jun 3rd 2018

    I got the word from my brother-in-law who uses this SWRO. I bought myself a system (SW-1.0K-325) for my beach home and it's my turn to spread the word. This system is excellent.

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