Alternating Water Softening System 17 GPM - USA

Product Description

Alternating Water Softening System for a company facing water hardness issues in the United States.


  • Water hardness doesn't quite enable soaps to operate to their maximum potential.
  • Hardness makes washing clothes challenging and leaves skin with a "slippery" look.



Pure Aqua, Inc. designs and manufactures water treatment systems in addition to alternating water softening systems. A major company in the United States of America will be receiving an alternating water softening system in January of 2014. The alternating system was designed to continuously soften water from a tap water feed. When one tank needs to be recharged, a control valve switches to the second tank, allowing non-stop water flow. This commercial alternating water softening system has a capacity of 17 gallons per minute, with each system having an exchange capacity of approximately 120,000 grains.



  • Reduced costs / Material use.
  • Less power consumption.
  • Longer life span of plant equipment
  • Decreased cost of repair & maintenance.
  • Greater water quality



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  • 5
    Increased efficiency.

    Posted by Jackie C. on Apr 10th 2020

    Pure Aqua's customized design gave us even greater hardness reduction capabilities. Glad we chose them.

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